FWE Superstars
AJ Pan
(Ring Announcer)
AJ Pan made his debut at FWE’s first show as the ring announcer. While AJ would probably prefer you not remember this, he was the recipient of the “wedgie heard around the world”, courtesy of Shad “the Beast” Gaspard. From there, the chant of “wedgie” would follow AJ wherever he went. Frustrated by this, AJ decided to enter FWE’s “Welcome to the Rumble” match. However, his luck wouldn’t change as Jay Lethal was the very next entrant, locking him in the figure four. AJ’s in ring days weren’t done because his feud with internet sensation Stone Cold ET spilled over into FWE’s Welcome to the Rumble 2. With his clients the Exerguys in tow, although not officially an entrant, AJ ran into the ring and confronted Stone Cold ET. Things looked good for America’s Favorite Agent. However, with a little help from Mike Law and a stunner from Stone Cold ET, AJ and the Exerguys were eliminated. While AJ’s in-ring days are hopefully over, his alliance with Mr. Pectacular and his recent signing of the Exerguys, his days as an agent seem to be off to a good start.