Now is the time for a professional wrestling revolution and the start of a renaissance that swiftly disposes of the term “sports entertainment”. On October 3rd and 4th, an unprecedented two night special iPPV event will not only rejuvenate and refuel the sport of professional wrestling, it will re-establish FWE Wrestling as the premiere promotion heading into 2015. This is FWE ReFueled!

 Making their way into FWE is one of the most sought after talents, Bad Influence. Looking to make their one of a kind mark, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are set to show the FWE Wrestling world why they lay claim to the moniker of the best tag team in the “Biz-A-Ness”. It won’t be a walk in the part by any stretch as the two battle one of the most influential tag teams on the scene in The Young Bucks, who continue to take the tag team division by the horns. The Young Bucks have proven their toughness and originality in the ring all over the world, including FWE Wrestling on many occasions. These four men will tear the roof off as only teams of this caliber can. Will it be Appletini’s or a Superkick party at the end of this anticipated bout of tag team specialists?


If more tag team action is what you crave, Adrenaline Express will take on the versatile Tony Nese and the high flying Jigsaw! Adrenaline Express is a test for any opponent they face; however, Tony Nese and Jigsaw are well known amongst the FWE faithful when paired, with a unique style that places them as a real threat for tag team gold. Expect a rustic, no nonsense approach from both teams in Brooklyn.


The tension and bitter distain for one another has come to a showdown for the FWE Women’s Championship as Ivelisse Velez challenges Maria Kanellis scheduled for night two of this iPPV special event. The challenge has been a long time coming for Ivelisse, who looks to finally shut down the reign of the current champion and to etch her career further into not only FWE history, but professional wrestling history itself. Maria has held on to the gold for quite some time and expects to walk out of Brooklyn with the gold still wrapped around her sculptured waist. Where Ivelisse will put her in-your-face style on display, Maria will look to outsmart her opponent to retain. If a cheap way out presents itself, you can bet Maria will take advantage of the opportunity.


Drew Galloway has arrived in one of the most anticipated debuts in FWE history. Drew will be in competition two nights in a row as he faces Trent Barretta on night 1 and The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer on night 2 of this special ReFueled iPPV event! Making a resounding statement back in his home in the UK, returning to his roots and proclaiming his professional wrestling dominance, what better way to start on his quest than by taking over FWE? Trent Barretta can shock Galloway if he takes him lightly and Tommy Dreamer won’t give Galloway a wrestling match, but a battle he won’t soon forget. He may have been “The Chosen One” elsewhere, but Drew Galloway will be coming to Brooklyn to prove to the naysayers that he is just “The One”.


Bad Influence, Drew Galloway, Tommy Dreamer, Maria Kanellis and Ivelisse are just a few of the superstars looking to bring back FWE Wrestling to Brooklyn. The well known FWE superstars of Jorge Santi, Wes Draven and Damien Darling will be showcasing their talents with up and coming stars to prove to the world why FWE Wrestling is not only the place for great professional wrestling, it is the proving grounds for the elite class of stars making their mark. You won’t find sports entertainers where the professional wrestling world will be ReFueled by FWE Wrestling!



Card and scheduled bouts subject to change.


Ric Santos